Journées nationales de l’électroacoustique
Amiens 2013
Mercredi 4 décembre 2013 à 21h, Auditorium Henri Dutilleux du CRR d’Amiens,
sur acousmonium Motus.

cir-Cro 15′
Four Channel Composition for Live-Generated, Impuslive Sound-Elements

Computer generated, synthesized basic sounds as click sounds, sine‐wave frequencies or pink noise are controlled by several impulse‐triggers. The duration of the particular impulse as well as the breaks in between are varied among 30 milliseconds and 4 seconds. A pre‐programmed algorithm is capable of mainpulating all variations during the live performance in realtime. A polyphonic, 4 channel rythmic soundscape emerges within the duration of the composition. During the 15 minutes of the composition the acoustic space of the location expands due to the characteristics of reflexions of the impulse signal.

this project was friendly supported by SKE Austria (


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