Lip Sync (2014)

single-channel video installation (HD video with sound, 3’25”, loop)

While reading text fragments in Chinese and German, lips movements of the artist have been captured without audio by a camera. In cooperation with Moscow-based artists – Ana Kovrigina and Serge Prokofiev, these silent video clips have been sent online to them and the both artists are invited to provide audio recordings in which they attempt to speak synchronously to the lip movements portrayed in the videos, and yet in a language they are familiar with – Russian and/or English. 

By following the same concept the both Russian artists have created silent video portraits of their lip movements while speaking and in turn, these have been overdubbed by the artist via synchronous speaking in Chinese/German. Also, the original content of all text fragments/speeches (in different languages) remain unknown for all three artists from the both sides. 

Due to a precise concept of exchanging and reinterpreting sound and images in the act of speaking, lip-synch aims to examine and deconstruct the fundamental function of language. Whilst removing the original auditive/linguistic information, the “spoken” images have become a visual notation for performances in which languages are turned into senseless audio-visual expressions.