Quick Code Service (2017-18)

HD video (colour, sound, 33’08”)

In Quick Code Service the artist investigates the relationship between real and virtual spheres of life. The artist (re-)constructs her own identity within the structures of WeChat, one of the most important digital communication tools in contemporary China. Without being physically present in the country, the artist asks her friends there to use the QR code – which represents her person on WeChat platform – in different ways and thereby make her digital identity a part of the Chinese social network. The work is an attempt to reintegrate in a radically changed Chinese society after being absent for fourteen years and to overcome alienation with digital means. Quick Code Service is a fictional video with a documentary character.



Installation view: HD video projection, QR code structure (styrodur, plexiglass, mirror ball motor), smart phone, 3D video sequence (no sound, loop) | dimensions variable. Courtesy by Kunsthalle Wien, Austria.

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