Romance (2016)

short film (21’04”)

As I walked in the downtown area of Gwangju/South Korea for the first time, I was wondering how close the wedding street1, the flashy love motels2 and even churches are placed to each other. Everybody on the street was relaxed and concentrated on their shopping tour as if the buildings and what they signify did not exist.
Actually this situation can be observed in almost every city of Asia and wedding consumption, even love motel tours have been become tourist attractions.
But when everything has become consumable, even love and sexuality, is the emotion of a human being still the same? Or have all these artificial, golden romantic moments for which we worked hard for, been collapsed and injured our perception, making even our memory invisible?
Romance is my way to share a part of what I saw and experienced in Gwangju. It could be a documentary with fictional elements – the monologs of women who contributed their thoughts and creations for the project.
This project has been realised during an artist residency in Gwangju/South Korea in summer of 2016.

1. Wedding street is a street in Gwangju where you can find service for every aspect of a wedding ceremony: wedding organisers, jewellery, clothing, photo studios, make-up studios and honeymoon organisers and so on.
2. A love motel in South Korea has two different functions: An inexpensive place (which can also be rent for few hours) where couples (married or unmarried) meet to have sex. It is popular particularly for young people who still live at their parents home due very high rents for apartments in big cities.