Romance (2016)

HD video (sound, 21’04”)

In the downtown area of Guwangju (Southkorea), parallel to the shopping streets filled with shops and restaurants, a well-known “wedding street” is located in the very city centre together with several evangelic churches and love motels in extraordinary, flashy designs. It is an unique city-scape, which perfectly demonstrates the juxtaposition between the emotional desire for sexuality and the responsibility for taking conventional roles, which are still expected by the society for both men and women.
At the other hand these two contradictory subjects are becoming consumable and emotions, as well as memories, can be apparently acquired and constructed by purchase. So what remains of feelings? Does romance still exist?
By slowly evolving the content, combined with documentary and narrative sequences, the artist chooses the perspective of a silent observer. Personal, partly fictional stories of women living in Gwangju are recounted in form of staged, anonymous interviews. An extra layer of text comments found online represents the superficial view of people, who meet their curiosity as a cultural adventure. These voices are without any attempt in considering the local social conditions.