The full colour makeup session (2016)

HD video (sound, 6’48”)

In a series of youtube video footages, different women are presenting their makeup tutorials to achieve the look of an asian beauty – an perfect appearance of ‘a female asian gangster’ (from the speech of a youtube makeup-tutor).
Simutanouesly, the artist imitate the whole beauty process step by stept to get the same look, transform herself into someone else – this should make easier for the other people to identify her in the society.

“As a ‘original’ female Asian, I believe that I have a better chance to become an “ABG” – a living‘Asian Baby Girl’, an object. Although, not forgetting to grease the color on my face, the colour that is always attributed to me…”



Installation view: HD video (sound, loop, 6’48”), self-made and collected cosmetic items, dressing table and chair | dimensions variable. Courtesy by Galerie Liusa Wang (France).

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