The waiting room (2018-)

audio drama, digital print on paper | dimensions variable

Drawing inspiration from the murders perpetrated by Angela Simpson (Phoenix, USA), Gertraud Arzberger (Graz, Austria) and Fung Ming Lee (HK), the artist has created an audio drama from the point of view of these three women. Designed as a series of short, partly disturbing fictional conversations, Hui Ye’s audio installation reveals the ambiguous and emotional elements behind these violent acts, as well as the imprudent role of the media in shaping public knowledge.
In addition, Ye has created an image based on the information contained in a report from (dated March 30, 2012) on Simpson’s case, which highlights the hyperbolic language of the headline “Black woman dismembers disabled white man”. This headline demonizes the accused, and, in a way, serves to illustrate a misleading common understanding of black people in U.S. society.

3D Rendering by Franz Schubert. Courtesy by Franz Schubert.

Audio sample: a fictional conversation between Fung-Ming L. and Angela S. in both English and Cantonese languages.

Voice: Brishty Alam, Hui Ye
Sound recording: Amann Studio (Vienna, Austria)
Sound editing: Hui Ye
Music: Claude Debussy, Tomasz Skweres
Text editor: Brishty Alam

This project was realised with support of BKA Austrian – Bundeskanzleramt Sektion II: Kunst und Kultur.logoServicezentrumHELPgvAt