Tinnitus Studies 2015-

tinnitus sound archive (stereo, loop), media players, headphones, publication “Tinnitus Studies”

Tinnitus Studies is an ongoing long-term project which explores the experience of those who suffer from tinnitus. Developed through a series of recorded interviews and generated aural tests with tinnitus sufferers, the project takes the form of a sound archive and publication. In interviews, the subjects then describe the noises they experience whilst the artist generate tinnitus-like sound with the help of the program MaxMSP. Through this process of live sound manipulation with a direct input from the subject, she recreates and record their personal aural phenomena.
Apart from the tinnitus-sound archive, Ye transcribes fragments of the recorded conversations into a publication alongside a series of semi-schematic diagram and spectrograms which are grafted from the generated tinnitus-sounds.


Audio sample from tinnitus archive: Hui


Audio sample from tinnitus archive: Hannes


Exhibition view by Remu Iwai. Courtesy by WRO Media Arts Biennial 2017 (Poland) and virtual museum of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel (China).

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